Wednesday, March 28, 2007

3/28/07 T-shirt time

They say the way to keep from being a pack rat is to get rid of one article of clothing for every new one you buy. So when you just hauled off yet another 5 bags of stuff to Goodwill, as I did this afternoon, does that give you free rein? Not so fast...most of what got hauled off hasn't been worn in years! It's hard giving away old favorites, but I have to be realistic. I just don't wear sweatshirts anymore. I kept one.

My closet actually looks fuller than I expected now that it's populated. But putting clothes away in it, I see yet more things I should trim. A high signal-to-noise ratio closet is no place for sentiment.

Regardless, I have been ordering a LOT of new clothes lately, much of which I know will get sent back. Today I tried on T-shirts and shorts from Athleta (the "Shape Crew" and "Minaret short") with fabric so amazing I don't mine spending the money on them.

In fact, I learned years ago that it can be worth spending $40 on a T-shirt.

Here I am in my first expensive T-shirt, that I bought in 1995 from Patagonia. At the time, the only T-shirts I wore were ones I got at conventions and concerts, usually a men's size small. This was the first T-shirt I ever paid real money for, and the first that actually FIT me. Finally, you couldn't see my bra through the armholes!

And 12 years later, I'm still wearing it, and it's still basically the same color as when I bought it (though the fabric is definitely worn). So is that really an expensive T-shirt?

Despite all this working out and healthy eating, I have a nasty pooch on my tummy that honestly makes me look pregnant. I hate it! I've never had fat way up by my belly-button. I took this picture so I have something to remind me why I need to abandon my late-night treats. OK, so now it's out there for all to see! My fat-pocket explodes if I so much as look at a piece of bread. Blah. I've got to get this under control!

This afternoon, I attempted to work on my own version of standing ab exercises while sort-of dancing in the living room, music blasting. Gabriel came in to watch me, oddly interested. At first, anyway. You can see in this photo just how interesting I was.

Later, Gabriel worked on his "homework." You can see in this crummy camera video, not easy to take candidly, how much he hates doing homework!

I managed a very short photo session this afternoon, short thanks to Julian's recent efforts to claim the Doudna Pest Prize. Still, I'm always glad when I can get even one decent shot of all three.

Gabriel is always very cooperative now about pictures, at least when it involves holding his beloved little sister. He is so affectionate and thoughtful toward her, it is truly heartwarming.

This afternoon, a diaper blowout and a room full of afternoon sun presented a perfect opportunity for a photo session.

I'm no baby photographer though. It took many attempts to get Katrina on her tummy long enough to get a picture before she rolled over. And, her head is a little distorted even though I wasn't all that close. Still, it's pretty cute. I'm not exactly sure what to do with it though....I guess she won't hate me too much if I put it into a scrapbook.

(Man, she has a skinny little tush! Just like her older older brother.)

It's getting hard to keep Katrina on my lap and do things, since she's reaching out for everything. But she's very tentative and careful about it. Her hands are like slow little tentacles, worming their way gradually and steadily toward something. Very unlike Julian, who was grabby and fast.

The past two nights, Katrina's been absolutely wasted by 6pm. Last night and tonight, we stretched her as long as we could, but even then, she went to bed very willingly at 6:30pm. Last night, that meant she woke up once at midnight, and then again at 5:30am, and nursed heartily both times. Incredibly, she went back to sleep until about 8am, when I finally checked on her and found her just looking around the room, smiling.

And, best of all, two afternoons in a row of a decent afternoon nap, which I define as "wakes up happy," even if it's short. That's more like it, baby!


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