Friday, March 30, 2007

3/29/07 Gabriel's colors

Today Gabriel was playing with this terrific Klutz book called "Totally Tape," that he got for his birthday from Aidan. I explained that it wasn't from cousin Aidan, but rather Aidan from my Las Madres group.

So Gabriel asked, "What color is he?" Surprised, I repeated, "What do you mean what color is he?" And Gabriel asked, completely sincere, "Is he white or brown?" (Most of his pre-K classmates' parents are from India.) I smiled and said, "Well...he looks like you." "Oh, so he's white then." Not ready for Gabriel to think of color as race yet, I said, "I don't know, I think you look kinda pink." And Gabriel said, "Reallllly??" and lifted up his shirt looking for the offending feminine color. After careful inspection, he concluded, "Nope. I'm white."

Katrina and goodness. She woke up at 1am, 2am and 5am last night. This morning she was very tired, but only took a half-hour morning nap. I was very much looking forward to a solid afternoon nap, but once again, she was awake and miserable after just half an hour. Argh! But the severity of the lack of sleep for a not-quite-6-month-old baby meant that more napping was urgent. I checked her, made sure there was no spitup or poop or anything, then with great apprehension, put her back down. She cried, but not screamed, for about 20 minutes. And then took a two-hour nap. Yay!

Today's Wall Street Journal has an article on the front page of the Personal Journal section, about, of all timely things, closets. It talks about how closet designers and the exploding popularity for professional organizers are like therapists to people, whose lives are chaotic and overwhelmed and who find soothing comfort in a nicely organized closet. No wonder I've been so happy about mine. It's not a closet, it's a haven!

Tonight was our second-to-last skating class, and I got Dave to take some more video. This is very instructive; I can see major mistakes that I didn't think I was making! And that moves I've been struggling with for weeks don't look like much.

Front crossovers:

Back crossovers:

Mohawk, to the right (poorly executed, but I did make it from one foot to the other):

Three-point turn, to the left and on an outside edge (the easy kind):

Tonight, after Dave took this video, I started combining moves together and got a sense, for the first time, of choreography in skating, which brings it much closer to dance for me. Some of the most basic basic elements I'm getting comfortable enough with to let them flow from one to the next, and really have fun with it. Learning to skate is nothing like I'd imagined ("mohawk?!") but it's so, so much fun.

That said, I'll probably not take a class next session, and maybe instead try to find my original most fundamental love: a dance class. I haven't taken a dance class in over a year.

Julian had lunch by himself this afternoon while I was tending to Katrina, but when I came down I found that he'd set himself up with the daily funnies and was making every appearance of "reading" them! Newspapers at the table are a common thing around here, I'm afraid. Then again, how bad can it be to have a three-year-old who demands the New York Times with breakfast?


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