Thursday, July 19, 2007

7/19/07 Training

Whew. Navigational error led to a much longer run than I'd meant tonight. But Upper Wildcat Canyon was absolutely lovely. All told, over 7 miles. Guess I'm ready for a 10K this Sunday.

8) Parking -> Lower Meadow (SW) -> Farm -> Rogue Valley ->
Upper Rogue Valley (w) -> Upper Rogue Valley (E) ->
Upper High Meadow (W) -> Upper Wildcat Canyon (SW -> E) ->
Wildcat Loop Trail (NE) -> Coyote -> Equestrian Parking -> Parking

Results for route: 1EF3MLKR6STUWV21
Route Miles Up Down
1E 0.30 15 0
EF 0.54 40 0
F3 0.17 30 0
3M 0.31 25 0
ML 0.69 125 0
LK 0.51 75 0
KR 1.00 400 0
R6 0.32 60 0
6S 1.37 0 450
ST 0.12 0 20
TU 0.53 0 180
UW 0.25 50 0
WV 0.67 120 0
V2 0.51 0 195
21 0.29 30 0

Total Distance = 7.58 Miles, 970 feet of climbing

Met with another architect today. Nice guy, positive, open. I'm glad to have the problem of two good choices. But unless there are any horrible surprises in the architects' proposals, I'm pretty sure I know who we'll use.

Also saw the "headache clinic" psychologist today, to talk about lifestyle triggers for migraines. I didn't like him at all. He was looking for low-hanging fruit, and sounded almost like he was reading from a script. Lots of canned, even silly advice, and glossing over the big things (like the newly emerged pattern of Monday Migraines). Some focus on the obvious that I don't get enough sleep now, though no explanation for the first 25 years of migraines. He so wanted to me to say that the little daily things in life stress me out and cause migraines, but overall, I rated my life as pretty low-stress. Sure is easy to see it that way when all kids are in daycare! But really, a putzy 3-year-old isn't true stress. Cancer, bankruptcy, divorce -- that's stress.

I fended off a migraine last Monday with an Imitrex, and have been headache-free all week! What a difference!!!

But now, after tonight's run, the rest of me is pretty achy. In a good way. Ah.


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