Friday, July 20, 2007

7/20/07 Free Friday

I like having nothing scheduled to do on Fridays. Though, that can lead to...doing nothing.

It's not like there is any shortage of things to do. The Las Madres Cupertino 2004 group has a playdate. The Cupertino 2006 group has a playdates. My favorite long-time weights class is at noon, at my old gym. And there are frequently special events or friends looking for playdates.

But with a twice-a-day napping baby, I like never having to rush the beginning of a nap, or prematurely ending one. I like being able to follow impulses, stretch out a good moment, not be stuck with weird slices of time too short to start something new, but too long not to do anything.

So today, all we did was go to the Y and Whole Foods between baby's two naps. Grocery-shopping with the boys wasn't much fun; they were constantly pushing the limits and being rambunctious and obnoxious. One woman looked at me sympathetically as the boys were throwing themselves on the floor shouting "BUTT BUTT PEE PEE!!" and said, "at least you got your girl!" For once, I agreed. It was hard not to be grateful for Katrina, sitting so peacefully and sweetly and adorably in the cart, while the boys spun in circles.

So after naps (everyone's nap -- all three at once, whee-haw!) we took some photos outside. It's been a while since I got a shot of all three, though it was hard to get Julian to cooperate.

The boys spent some time picking flowers..."for you Mom!"

Happily, two mornings in a row of 7am baby wakeup. Yay!

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