Tuesday, July 24, 2007

7/24/07 The daycamper

I picked up Julian from daycamp at the very last minute today, and found him happily waiting with one counselor and two friends.

I forget, do people worry about 3-year-olds making friends? Gabriel never seemed to care, and Julian does it so easily.

He is absolutely loving this pee-wee daycamp thing. He's in a great mood when I get him, happily chats everyone up as he says goodbye ("My Thomas backpack has train tracks on it!"), talks about things he did, asks if he's going back tomorrow. I should have done more weeklong daycamps for him this summer!

Unfortunately for him, I really need my two full-free-days off from children (which I don't have this week since Tonya's on vacation, hence the half-day daycamp). As adorable was Katrina was today, she's still just a 9-month-old baby who needs a fair amount of attention. And more attention these days than before, as she's always getting herself stuck with her half-baked non-crawling.

I need that child-free time because I've made a huge decision, one that will kick off the most monstrous construction project of my life (let's hope). After meeting with another new architect today, and receiving a proposal from the fabulous architect I met with last week, it's a no-brainer. The fabulous one gets it. After Dave and I both actually read her proposal (no quick scanning!), I'll sign it and write the first of many, many checks for this project. EE-Yayyy!

And not a moment too soon. I'm getting very cranky about having to get on my hands and knees with a flashlight to pry out a muffin tin from the tiny little hole that serves as my baking pan storage.


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