Saturday, July 28, 2007

7/28/07 Katrina crawls for real

Finally! Katrina is actually taking real crawl steps now. Verrry slowly, but she's certainly mobile. Especially when her targets are brothers' toys. So much for that track!

She's still not very fast or efficient, but now it's become commonplace to turn my head and find her somewhere else.

I went running at Rancho San Antonio today, in the morning (gasp!) and with friends (Sonia and Lynne). That was great -- except for finding parking. At 7:45am, all parking lots were completely full. That place is popular! Still, there are so many trails that we hardly saw anyone once we were out on the trails. We did a 7.5 mile route and yakked the whole way. I sure hope my knees hold out, 'cause there is so much I like about this running thing.

Katrina's been sleeping late, and slept until 8am today. But, that sets her up for a later morning nap, and really messes up the afternoon nap, which she never took today. Argh!

And, she has a new skill: pushing up into a sit from her tummy. So, her afternoon nap was further foiled by her sitting up in the crub and crying her eyes out. Lying down, eventually she would calm down and fall asleep. But just like Gabriel when he was 7 months old, and got himself standing and wouldn't lie down, she's not going to fall asleep sitting up. Sigh, I do so love my baby, but I do so love my baby's afternoon nap too, so I'm not on full-on baby duty for 6 consecutive hours. It's really stressful after a while, especially as baby gets more and more tired and needy.

At least Dave had the boys occupied with yardwork, and Julian took a nap. It's intensely stressful when poor baby is being flocked by boisterous brothers.

Still, I caught Gabriel pretend-headbutting Katrina, by dropping his head toward her quickly and then pulling it away -- only he was wearing his bicycle helmet, which has a protruding visor with a sharp edge! That would have really hurt if it hit her in the face. The visor was millimeters away from hitting her face, as he can't judge how far it sticks out. Stupid kid -- even a seeing-eye dog knows enough not to walk its blind owner toward an overhang that the human's head would hit. And she was sitting in the high chair at the time, a sitting duck! He was sent to his room for a long time for that one.

I managed to indulge in some baking this afternoon anyway, despite baby interruption and little-boy menaces. Pastry therapy, I guess.


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