Thursday, July 26, 2007

7/26/07 Julian and Katrina

As much as I adore my firstborn, I have to say, it sure it a lot easier when he's away all day. Not so much because of him, but the effect he has on Julian. Well, the effect they have on each other. Which is instant trouble.

I had the morning alone with Katrina, part of which was unfortunately wasted on another headache doctor appointment (I don't like them and I'm not going back). Then in the afternoon while Katrina was awake, Julian and Katrina played together. She's definitely mobile now, though I'm not quite sure I'd call what she does "crawling," and Julian gets a kick out of watching her and encouraging her.

At day camp, the counselors told me that Julian talks about Katrina all the time. But they were surprised to hear that he has an older brother, who is never mentioned!

I went for a long run at Rancho San Antonio tonight, then joined my Mom friends for 3 C's: Coffee, Cheesecake, and Chatting. Normalcy renewed.


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