Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8/15/07 Old and new friends

What a treat! Today I got a call from my friend Tracy, visiting California from her new adopted home on the East Coast. Tracy and I made friends in dance class at Zohar in 1988 -- yes, that's almost >> 20 << years ago! We've been through so many phases of life since then; it's astounding that we ended up having children about the same age. Her daughter Elizabeth is 4-1/2.

Tracy and Elizabeth picked a perfect day to come over -- Julian and Katrina were here, but Gabriel was on a field trip (to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, cool!). Julian and Elizabeth wasted no time jumping into play. Tracy said usually playdates with a 3-1/2-year-old, especially a boy, for ultra-verbal uber-social Elizabeth don't amount to much, but Julian provided ample interaction, conversation and entertainment. And what a treat for Julian to have free play without bossy older brother around!

Tracy and I barely scratched the surface on catching up over brie, apples and plum cake. But running out of things to talk about was never a problem we had, even when we used to have lunch once a week. Then, we used to talk about men. Now, it's kids.

Julian apparently is now too ma-TOOR to give hugs on command anymore, so shyly gave Elizabeth a handshake goodbye instead.

As they were saying goodbye, Elizabeth said, "I'm sorry I don't live here, Julian!" Aww.

A nice afternoon with an old friend for me, a new friend for Julian.


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