Friday, August 17, 2007

8/17/07 Show biz

Julian's daycamp had a little theatre performance today, in which small groups of kids acted out short nursery rhymes. Julian was a "king's man" from Humpty Dumpty.

Mostly, he stood looking dumbstruck. No burning desire to perform here.

Fortunately, the timing worked out well. I did have to wake Katrina from a nap to get to Julian's performance, but at least she conveniently took an early nap.

Then I brought her and Gabriel to the Y's Childwatch, where I fed her a ham-and-cheese sandwich, to the great surprise of the Childwatch ladies. What, no jar?

The boys were unbearable together this afternoon, so I made sure to "put" Julian down for a nap, for my own sanity. There was no way I could deal with them constantly shouting and running and making obnoxious sounds all afternoon. In fact, it turned into a relatively quiet afternoon, as Katrina took a good long afternoon nap. My goodness, it's so much easier to deal with baby life when I get just an extra hour "off" from a solid 2-hour nap instead of a so-so 1-hour nap!

While the younger two napped, Gabriel drew a bicycle with sidewalk chalk. He was very clear that it had exactly ONE disk brake on the FRONT wheel ONLY.

One thing about having 3 kids: you just never know when they're all going to need something from you at the same time. I went upstairs to get Katrina after her nap, but heard Julian crying, and found this.

Not only did he have a bloody nose, but his attempt to nap without a Pull-Up failed, and he and all his bedding and stuffed animals were soaked in pee and blood. Meantime, Katrina was crying and wanted out, and Gabriel was bouncing around trying to draw Julian into a game of bathroom talk shouted at the top of their lungs.

So, here's what moms of 3 do. One thing at a time. Separate your hazards. It's really no different than what moms of one or two or four or five do.

Send Gabriel downstairs.
Strip Julian.
Start bath.
Strip Julian's bed.
Start washer.
Rescue baby.
Try to keep track of baby as she takes off giggling, while simultaneously reminding Gabriel to stay downstairs, and trying to tend to Julian.

(Note that there is no gate at the top of the steps right now.)

I really try hard to be a good wife and partner and really listen to Dave and be sympathetic to the trials and tribulations in his life. But boy it's hard when he says that things at work are "disruptive and chaotic" right now because his manager is leaving. Oh! Yeah! That's chaotic all right! I just have to remember what "chaos" means to most people. Recalibrate.

Boys at sleepover tonight, they were both looking forward to it. And so was I, though they were both being very good, sweet and downright fun as we were on our way. No fair giving them to someone else for the night when they're being so good!


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