Saturday, August 18, 2007

8/18/07 Fast Dads

Julian asked me today, "Can Moms run faster than Dads?" I had him repeat the question a few times, to make sure I understood. "Are Moms faster than Dads?" he semi-clarified. Then, "Can all Dads run?"

Apparently, a kid at his day camp was picked up by a man who declined to get into a running game, citing his "old legs." This made a huge impression on Julian, prompting this inquiry into the running capability of Dads. Being fast is of great importance to the boys, who make wild boasts about their speed superiority.

"Can you run faster than Dad?"

"Well..," I said, "Dad might be able to run faster than me at first, but he can't run as far." He wasn't impressed.

Alas, the conversation was interrupted and opportunity to turn it into a "teaching moment" about physical fitness was lost. Old legs, indeed. Don't say stuff like that around my little sponge!


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