Monday, September 10, 2007

9/10/07 44

Another year, another birthday. I'm 44 today, a nice easy number to remember. I'm no numerologist, but I'm glad to say goodbye to 43. Prime numbers make me a little leery.

And what a day! Before I launch into it, I'll recount this: at dinner, Gabriel strangely demanded to know everything that happened in my day today. He wanted a full-on play-by-play, of his own accord. Funny!

So here it is, the curtailed version, I hope. I dropped both boys off at school this morning, then came home and cleaned up the kitchen and read email.

During that time, I heard sounds on the monitor that could only be coming from upstairs. I looked around for Katrina, but she wasn't in the usual places. Checked the stairs....there she was, on the landing, rummaging through a box of new shirts for the boys. Newsflash: she can climb stairs now!

Last day of Water Babies swim class today for Julian and Katrina.

Lucky me, Dave came along to the class, as a birthday treat for me. I've told him since we were together that what I want from him the most is not things, but his time. Work has been very busy for him lately, so this was really a special treat.

I sure wish Katrina realized the treat though. Once again, nonstop wailing during the swim lesson. But fine in playtime.

And he took lots of pictures too, another thing that means a lot to me, since photos at swim classes are hard to take myself. Yay!

Katrina woke up from her morning nap late enough that I was able to get away with picking up Gabriel directly from school again. I tried a different strategy for where to park, so as to make an escape from the heavy traffic, and to cross the busy street at a manned crossing, which basically worked. Gabriel has lots of friends, mostly older kids from CDC, I believe, who call out to him and say hello. That's really nice to see -- he never talks about other kids!

I can see the picking-him-up-from-school thing getting really old though. It is a pain with the heavy traffic, weaving my way through the crowded campus and keeping track of Julian too. I still want to be able to do it, and I was really glad I did today so I could get a head start on dinner and not be interrupted to go get him, but certainly some CDC care in the afternoon is warranted.

Dave came home early and gave me another time treat: being able to make dinner without peeling the boys apart and without multitasking feeding and entertaining a demanding baby. That is a really hard part of my day, made worse by having to go pick up Gabriel when I do. It was actually rather fun making dinner without fretting about grouchy baby making me drop everything at any moment.

Katrina has been really demanding the past few days in a good way: she pulls herself up to a stand ALL the time, but then doesn't know what to do and can't get back down. So, she wails for help, only to pull back up and get stuck again. Babies!

Of course, the best part of birthdays for me is the cake, and Dave totally came through. I've been looking forward to something from Sugar Butter Flour since I heard about it! This raspberry mousse cake was right up my alley. Typically, Gabriel and Dave halfheartedly poked at it and nibbled the cakey parts; Julian finished his and Gabriel's. Gabriel is just like Dave: doesn't like fruity sorts of desserts. Thankfully I have Mr. Mouth on my side!

And not just a cake either -- but a Nano iPod! Yay! This is inspired by my running kick. I'll probably use it more, if not entirely, at the Y, since one thing I love about the trails is being immersed in nature. That said, there are times I really need the inspiration and I'm not into the nature part at all, like when it's hot and I'm pushing the jogging stroller up a boring trail. I can't wait to open the package and figure it out. So what am I doing sitting here typing?!

Other than saying: thanks Dave for a very happy birthday!


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White Family said...

That cake definitely looks yummy. I ended up getting a key lime mousse cake for Vic on his birthday, not exactly his kind of cake (too fluffy) but it definitely tasted like key lime pie. All of their stuff is gorgeous.