Sunday, September 09, 2007

9/9/07 The real week

Next week, our first full real regular honest-to-gosh week. No starting on Thursday, no holiday, just five days of ... weekdays. Starting with, lunch-making on Sunday nights.

I got Gabriel a really nice monogrammed insulated lunchbox from Land's End. I don't know why I bothered. What he eats for lunch would fit into his pocket. He never eats his sandwich. He rarely opens his drink (water). About all he eats, to his credit, is the cut-up fresh fruit I pack for him. And, the past few days, two pieces of string cheese. He eats raisins or cookies when I've packed them for him, but then that's all he eats. I've tried varying what I put in. I've tried new things. I've tried old favorites. I've tried telling him what's in his lunch. I've tried asking him what he wants. I've tried talking to him after school about his lunch, what he liked, what he found, etc. I've tried making funny references to what's in there with notes (he still likes the notes). But to no avail. I guess he's going to live on fresh fruit and cheese. It could be worse.

It seemed like it took me hours cleaning up in the kitchen tonight (including making Gabriel's lunch, since I can't bring myself not to pack him a full lunch yet). Katrina kept herself quietly amused while I scrubbed and packed. This included a foray into the newspaper stack. Appropriately, she dissed the San Jose Mercury News instead of the far superior New York Times.

I busted her leaving the scene of the crime, and didn't fall for her beguiling innocent smile. I knew she was behind The Case Of The Scattered Newspapers.

Boys busy with Dave at a British car show in Palo Alto today, while I took Katrina on a short run up and down Coyote Trail. The exact family split I was concerned about before she was born. Not so bad today, though wouldn't it be great if I could get everyone to go to Rancho instead!!


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