Thursday, September 13, 2007

9/13/07 Ten and counting

I did it! I broke the 10-mile mark today running. And I did it running up the PG&E trail again!

But, with a big caveat. I brought my camera along, testing out a snug new pouch. That meant many very short stops to take pictures, and those little breaks made a big difference. So much so that I decided I hadn't punished myself enough, and took a detour about two-thirds of the way through the run, and went back up another trail. This is what pushed it to 10 miles. I am wasted tonight, but very happy.

A combination of circumstances drove me to do this today, even though I haven't been running enough to justify attempting a 10-mile route. It was a rare baby-free day, intended to meet with our architect, though we had to postpone since she has a cold. Also, I had my camera, and I'd wanted to take photos at the top of the PG&E trail. And, it was a slightly cloudy day, making for much better photos -- oh yeah, and made it a little cooler. Of course, the photos were my top priority!

At the top, I made a short commentary:

Ironically, on the way down, I ran into my running mentor -- Sonia, and Julie (a half-marathoner), on Rogue Valley trail, taking a walk!

Other than a nap and a little shopping, this run pretty much did me in for the day. Or so I thought, until my darling children came home.


The price was high for the freedom of the day. Julian was a whiny, complaining, crying pain in the rear end. Gabriel was looking for a fight, and was so incredibly rude that when his offenses became too egregious (hitting Dave, for instance) he got sent to his room and spanked.

Fortunately, he recovered later when I sat with him and helped him finish his homework. That's another new drudgery adding to our nights now. I'm not sure what's worse: a kid who is so diligent that it takes him forever, or a procrastinator. I'm afraid we'll know in about two years.

Happily, Katrina was a bright spot, being exuberant and goofy. She makes incredibly silly loud bleating sounds, starts spitting games with her brothers (who are alllll too happy to engage), and constantly crawls around looking for things to pull herself up on, inevitably getting stuck and crying. She crawls up to me and pulls herself up on my pants legs, something I don't ever remember the boys doing.

They were all really tired and went to bed relatively early. I mustered some remaining energy to go out and do my annual $8 fifteen minute haircut. I really don't like my ponytail brushing against my shoulders when I'm running, especially when I'm sweating enough that it sticks to my skin! Blah! It's time anyway. My last haircut was done a few hours before Katrina was born, almost a year ago.

I'm going to sleep well tonight!

Some photos from today.

Proof! The sign at the top.

I made it! You can see across the bay behind me.

The way home: Upper High Meadow Trail, aptly named for a hilly meadow along a ridge.

Best view of the PG&E trail is from Upper High Meadow. These trails are basically parallel on either side of a canyon, and meet at the top high point, so you can see the other trail from each side.

The PG&E trail is named because it's really just a service road for power poles, wide enough for trucks. I was wishing for a truck to hitch a ride on today!

Another view of the ridge that Upper High Meadow trail goes along.

A contrived self-time at the junction of Upper High Meadow and Upper Wildcat Canyon.

As much as I love the views from the top, I like the wooded canopy at the bottom of the canyon even more. Upper Wildcat is one of my favorite trails.

After running back up the ridge, then over, on Wildcat Canyon Loop trail, a lovely view of Chamise trail, which heads into the wild west yonder with no loop back. And I hate turning around, so I've never tried it! (a throwback from motorcycling days)

On the right, an intersection in Chamise trail that takes you to Rogue Valley. I've done that with the double jogger (urf), as it's relatively flat. Relative being the operative word here.

Ahh, I'm done! These poles are popular for stretching (grownups) and hanging upside-down (kids).

Next time, no photos. I'm not sure technology and running mix! Then again, I might soon change that iTune.


Today's route, according to Rancho Runner:

12) Parking -> Coyote -> PG&E -> Upper High Meadow ->
Upper Wildcat Canyon -> Wildcat Loop (N) -> Vista ->
Wildcat Loop (N) -> Rogue Valley -> Coyote -> Parking

Results for route: 12v456SPNM3UWV21
Route Miles Up Down
12 0.29 0 30
2V 0.51 195 0
V4 1.60 500 310
45 1.86 1020 100
56 1.26 0 520
6S 1.37 0 450
SP 0.61 285 0
PN 0.96 0 460
NM 0.04 0 10
M3 0.31 0 25
3U 0.15 20 0
UW 0.25 50 0
WV 0.67 120 0
V2 0.51 0 195
21 0.29 30 0

Total Distance = 10.68 Miles, 2220 feet of climbing

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