Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10/10/07 Julian writes his name

I guess Julian wanted a "race number" on his bicycle, because he found a pencil and a paper and wrote his name and the number "1". This is the first time I've seen him apply this knowledge of his own volition, working it into his play. Good for him!

Poor little guy has an infection in his....little guy. He complained about it bothering him today, and when he went to the bathroom before going to pick up Gabriel, sure enough, it's purplish and swollen and very very sensitive. Dave took him to the pediatrician, who said it's an infection from something caught in there, and gave him an antibiotic. I sure wish it didn't come to that; but you just can't refuse any medicine when your little guy's little guy looks so bad.

Katrina, in a perfect example of getting herself stuck. She stood up on a chair under the dining-room table, then wasn't able to get out from under the table because a lip blocked her forehead. Naturally, she cried. More and more she wants to reach for things while standing up, and reach up higher -- I think half of her grumpiness comes from really, really wanting to walk and not knowing what to do.

At least I got her to eat tonight, sort of, in three short sessions, some of it standing up outside, some of it sitting down in the backyard, some of it actually in the high chair (ooh!). It's all coming back now: I had to do some of this with Gabriel, none of it with Julian; but if this persists, she certainly "takes the cake" as the fussiest eater.


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