Friday, October 12, 2007

10/12/07 3-way play

We almost didn't make it to pick Gabriel up from school today (messed-up baby naps), but I'm glad we pulled it off. First, Gabriel had to push the stroller, which is as much about doing something with wheels as it was amusing his little sister, which he did admirably.

We had some fun moments this afternoon with all three playing together. One of those involved the boys making up a noisy song to try to attract Katrina's attention and get her to chase them. But she was more interested in a book.

Finally, the melee pays off, and they run away giggling with Katrina in tepid pursuit.

Later I decided to see how much I could get away with assigning menial baby-care tasks to Gabriel. Turns out, he's just fine at getting her out of the high chair, and she goes right along for the ride!

It rained much of the afternoon here, a rare event. I went running this morning and enjoyed constantly moving cloud formations and some sun, escaping any precipitation (though mud building up on the bottom of my shoes made them feel so heavy it felt like they would fall off!). It felt especially good to be ensconced at home on a rainy afternoon, all my children around me, and knowing I'd had my time outside.

My inner indoorsy sort of hopes for a rainy weekend!


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