Monday, October 29, 2007

10/29/07 Katrina's goofy sounds

It's hard to capture, but Katrina makes the funniest "b-bl-b-bl-b-bl" sounds these days. Here's a short clip of it before it turned to Fuss:

She also made her first stab at sarcasm, applauding me when I correctly identified a crayon:

She is always in the craft area, playing with crayons and making a credible attempt to draw, though she doesn't put enough pressure on a crayon to make a mark.

We got a flyer today from Gabriel's teacher that tells of an assignment due in a month: "Create a poster that represents a culture/country. You may choose your own culture/country or learn about a different one." The teacher explains: "This year I've given the option of exploring a country/culture other than your own. Last year, the majority of my students were from the same country and most posters were very similar." I love it. Only in Cupertino! Gabriel could safely do his poster about the USA and be the only one! Heh, he could pull quite the prank and do one about India. Dave said he should do it about the Island of Sodor.

Bad headache afternoon again, but much better evening. My OB is prescribing a birth control pill to see if that helps, a common migraine-controlling strategy. I'm really baffled why they've gotten so, so bad in the past year. Could it be related to new eating habits? My eating habits have changed drastically in the past year, but for the better, by most measures (baking kick notwithstanding). That's IT! That must be the answer! Pizza deprivation! Insufficient donuts! Lack of Cheetos! And to think, I've been taking magnesium supplements. Pshaw. It's a french-fry deficiency!

I had a nice, interesting run at Fremont Older Space Preserve today, exploring the Stevens Creek/Tony Look Trail. It's much more a hiking trail than a running one, being very narrow in spots with lots of steep dropoffs, and some parts steep enough that erosion-controlling (I assume) logs acted like steps. Just what I needed running up a hill: steps! Still, I loved how the terrain changed between open, scrubby and desert-y, and denser, moister, forested areas. It was a perfect running morning: cool and overcast on and off, but warm enough to run in shorts and tank top, and to smell the beautiful sweet scents of fall in the air.

As much as I miss dance, I really have come to love the free thinking and working through things in my mind I can do while running, whereas dance classes take a lot of concentration. That was good in its own way too, but if I need to give something some thought, I wait until I'm out running and mull through it. It's so peaceful, preparing me for the un-peace awaiting me when my dear children are all re-united. But by then, I look forward to it.


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