Friday, November 02, 2007

11/02/07 The non-escaper

Katrina, trying to crawl away to "escape," giggling away (until Gabriel butts in asking me to help him open a Halloween candy):

But she's not a very fast crawler, even compared to Julian, who was a pretty normal crawler. Neither come close to their turbo-crawler older brother.

One thing I like about the new school schedule is that it makes weekends seem more like weekends now. And Friday nights seem more like Friday nights. Very unlike the early days of baby-raising when all the days ran together into one big blur.

Julian's last day at Tonya's was today! That means no more Susan preschool, which in many ways is a shame. Today she had them make musical instruments, out of cups and paper-towel-rolls (the cardboard middle, what ARE those things called?!) and wax paper. So creative! The location, price and hours at Kids Inc can't be beat, but I do wish they had some "enrichment programs," especially music. I'm going to look into a Saturday music class for Julian.

Of course, we're not done with Tonya's by any means. There will come a day when all three will be too old to go there, and that will be the only sad thing about that for me! For now, there are still sleepovers, and when Katrina is two (or before then if Tonya has room for an "infant"), Tonya will remain an essential part of our kid-raising lives.

Cold tally: 2 and 3. Katrina: coughing and sniffly. Gabriel: hoarse but otherwise not slowed down at all. Dave, Julian and myself: so far so good.


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