Sunday, December 23, 2007

12/23/07 Christmas Eve Eve

Fun, relaxed day with Aunt Laura and Uncle Ryan, though you'd never know it by the relentless shouts of laughter from the boys. They all played hard today, including a trip to the muddy BMX park.

I wish I could have been in the action more, but instead took Katrina to REI and to The Learning Game, and stayed home with her during her too-short nap while the rest of the gang was out at the BMX park. She's been grumpy and fussy and edgy, which I chalk up to fighting a sniffle, though really, it just shaves down her already thin tolerance for life's little setbacks. And the minor cold does reduce two basics any almost-toddler needs: sleep and good eating. Uncle Ryan did an outstanding and unprecedented job of entertaining and keeping her happy while I made dinner -- not easy for me or Dave to do, let alone another grownup she doesn't know well. Well, used to not know well.

Lots of photos from today, but I didn't take any of them, and it's too late to upload from Ryan's camera. I can't wait to see them though!


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