Friday, December 28, 2007

12/27/07 Belated Birthday

Finally...Julian got to open all his birthday presents tonight, after a good dinner. He was pretty good about it, appreciating each thing before tearing open the next. I've got to learn to make sure Uncle Ronan's gifts are opened last, because things like a remote-control helicopter are a tough act to follow!

I had a surprisingly good day with all three alone today. This of course was made possible by a trip to the Y and their marvelous Childwatch, but also, Katrina was in much better shape than she's been the past few weeks. Still demanding and outraged if something doesn't go her way, but played very happily for a long time with many things.

I swear, she thinks that robot from Uncle Ronan is a doll, the way she chases it around and almost tries to hug it, right before pushing it over. She's getting downright possessive of it, screeching or scolding her brothers (with this new sharp "DAH!" sound and a pointed finger) if they tried to rescue the hapless thing. Gabriel is very generous with letting her play with it though.

Gabriel is still in Snap Circuit heaven, though he also spent a significant part of today outside. The boys did a lot of downtime playing together today, just what holidays are for.

With misgivings, I pulled this little wagon out for Katrina. She loves it, and right away pushed it all around, then tried to climb on it. She can't quite flatfoot it, but she's in the right household for that! I just have to make sure her noisy big brothers don't get a hold of it, or it'll get rammed into things (note that it's already held together by duct tape).

Rain predicted tomorrow -- we're going back to the Y.


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