Thursday, January 10, 2008

1/10/08 The Call

Julian had something he wanted to call Uncle Ronan about on his "iPhone," (a wooden block), but once he was on the spot, it slipped away.

Gabriel made this cute "snowman soup" from a gift packet his teacher gave all the kids, which was a package of hot chocolate, with marshmallows, hershey's kisses, candy canes for stirring, and a little poem. A nice little reminiscence of the holidays.

I went to REI after work today in search of Superfeet insoles, which several runners have told me they never run without. It appears my feet pronate (fall inward at the arch) somewhat, and this could be causing my ankle problems. Funny, I never had feet or ankle problems from years of dance, with shoes that have no support whatsoever. I'll run on the insoles tomorrow and see.

But do note: the World-Wide Conspiracy Against Size 6-1/2 is alive and well -- what size range do you think was missing in the Superfeet insoles for women? What else?! I had to get a men's version.

I got really, really lucky. For one, it's been raining a lot this week, coinciding with my ankle recovery. Perfect. For another, I lost track of time at REI this afternoon, and panicked when I saw it was 5:25pm when I was checking out. I knew I'd have to call Dave immediately and beg him to go get the boys, because 35 minutes to pick up all 3 wasn't nearly enough (even though I was only a few minutes from Melissa's). Turns out, when I got in my car and put on my headset, Dave was calling me to offer to pick up the boys. Whew! I think I used up a year's worth of karma on that one!

Dinner was courtesy Trader Joe's and reheated leftovers. So many kitchens now have two ovens...but on major re-heat days, I often need two microwaves. Is that ultra-super-spoiled or what?!

Katrina was in an exuberant mood tonight. Boy, when she's happy, she really pours it on. And when she's not...oh brother. Today when I picked her up, she saw me and started twisting her torso back and forth with her arms out -- a full-body pushing-away of the arms to object to my interrupting her book! She recovered, and made the most adorable baby sounds in the car, clapping when a song was over. Then at home she was full of squeaks and giggles as she pushed around footstools. No progress on walking though.

I was glad to see my children tonight. I had an intensely stressful evening last night, and today as well (handling some of my Dad's affairs), and it was a relief to be brought back to earth with the familiar ins and outs of children ("put your shoes away!" "pick that up RIGHTNOW!" "go finish your homework!"), mostly it was being with them, talking with them, humoring Julian's phone calls, stepping around Katrina and the footstools in the kitchen. Everything they do, even the annoying things, is striving toward making their own mark, growing, learning, embracing the world with a fresh perspective, with energy and eagerness, full of joy and optimism and promise. This is why I had kids; to stay in touch with the future, to be surrounded by youth and its surprises and delights. Sometimes it's staggering to think how deeply I love them.


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So sweet....thanks for the reminder. :)