Friday, January 11, 2008

1/11/08 The Giggles

Busy night, getting ready for kitchen designer meeting tomorrow.

Do I starve my children?

I went appliance-shopping again (gah!), and was struck by a conversation I seem to hear every time I'm there, about placing the fridge and microwave in the kitchen so that kids can grab snacks easily. Quite often, the conversation is about little kids who can't reach things in fridges yet.

Do I starve my children? They never, ever get snacks for themselves. Indeed, they hardly ever snack. If it's been a long time between meals, then I'll make them something, but that never involves the microwave (and often involves coercion). What "snacks" have to be heated? That's cooking!

When they're older, they probably will want to make their own snacks, but by then they'll be able to reach things themselves. Heck, Gabriel makes his own cereal in the morning now. What am I missing? I swear the skinniness is genetic, I don't underfeed them, but snacking so far isn't a big part of their fooding -- certainly not enough that I need to take that into account in the kitchen (though it happens it would work if they turned into snackers).

Speaking of eating, as Katrina chowed her way through a wide variety of carbs, her brothers wanted to play. Usually I shoo them away, but she was almost done, and they were all having a great time. Gabriel was letting her "bite" his nose, and Julian somehow gets her to scratch his teeth (which makes for much duller video). In any case, it was a nice moment of the boys swarming their baby sister, as opposed to the other 99% of the time when it's relentless and annoying!

What is life like when you don't plan to up-end your kitchen?


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