Sunday, January 06, 2008

1/6/08 First Steps

FINALLY! Some real actual steps, not just foot re-positioning!

Katrina did this a few times tonight, and I was able to get this on video because of the telltale impish joyful expression right before she attempted some walking steps, like it was a game. "Dum-de-dum, maybe I'll just try out this walking thing for the heck of it, not like I need to or anything, no hurry." More and and more, she wants to carry things around, leading to more walking attempts, but tonight for the first time she focused on the walking itself, just as a fun thing to do. Exactly like Gabriel.

Speaking of steps, a dreadful thing has gelled for me: ankle pain. It's consistent now when I run, and was enough today to deter me from lengthening my route at Rancho San Antonio, something I never back down from. I'm already doing everything right: excellent new running shoes, soft trails (especially with all the rain we've had), stretching carefully before and after a run. These measures have held off lower back, hip and knee problems, all of which I've been expecting, but ankles? I'm not daring to get bummed about it yet. What on earth would I do with myself if I had to give up running?

This morning we had a late big breakfast -- and look who joined us at the table! Katrina was grouchy and difficult again this morning, but strips of English Muffin kept her calm for quite a while, aided by much distraction from brothers very happy to have her there. I really hope this impending walking improves her outlook on life, because right now she has way too many periods of being impossible. But alas, such is life with crawling 15-month-olds (well, two of mine, anyway, one of them was never impossible).

I went to Trader Joe's after running today -- me and 100,000 other people. The lines went into the aisles at every register (and it still moved pretty fast), and the workers were scrambling to keep the shelves stocked. My cashier exclaimed how busy it was, and I heard myself telling him the answer: Next week is a full workweek, school's back in session, and we're all here stocking up. Batten down the hatches, the new year is blowing in for real now!



MamaB said...

Congratulations to Katrina on those first few steps. I think Dylan has a few more weeks of hand holding before he attempts it by himself.

MommaWriter said...

I particularly like the enthusiasm from the peanut gallery : )