Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1/22/08 The Jam Session

The little piano is becoming an increasing source of contention around here. Katrina's contention, that is.

It's one thing to make the boys take turns, but Katrina will have none of it. She crawls right up to it and screech-orders her brothers away from it, and I have to intervene (reluctantly) and try to distract her. Not easy. Occasionally the boys will release it, then she can bang to her heart's content. But she's learning -- she no longer just bangs on it, and actually uses individual fingers to press the notes.

The screechy demands are coming fast and furious now. Maybe since I'm not subject to them all day, I can be amused by them. No gentle wilting flower, this one.

Gabriel wanted to play "moostick" together (he still can't say "music"!) tonight with me. How could I resist such an invitation? So I put Julian and Katrina to bed first, then instead of a book, we played moostick together. First, we tuned this beautiful Melody Harp that Julian got for Christmas, then I played the harp, following Gabriel playing Happy Birthday on the piano. He got such a kick out of this, and so did I. What a wonderful way to spend time together, I really enjoyed this! We went on for quite a while before I realized it was almost 9pm and way past his bedtime.

Gabriel said this morning he didn't want to go to school, he was tired of it, as though it were soccer or something. Sorry kid, that's your job now.

The pain in my ankles continues, and I haven't even been doing anything to aggravate it. It changes all the time, manifests itself in different ways, at different times of day, in different places. It's fine to walk on, and if it weren't from running, I'd be puzzled what these twinges are about and that would be that. But I know the pain would blow up full-scale if I tried to run at all. I'm getting downright depressed about it, as the injury just keeps getting worse, and I'm terrified I'll have to give up running completely. I was just getting started! Maybe this new fascination would have "run its course," but right now I miss the trails so much it hurts even to look in the direction of the hills. Given how inclined I am to form new interests, I'm sure something will fill the void. Maybe piano.


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