Friday, June 20, 2008

6/20/08 Residents of where?

Dave and I went out again tonight, again in downtown Sunnyvale. The theory was that a short dinner closeby would mean time to work at home, but in practice, I just don't feel like it. Our state of half-unpacked has reached steady-state, and now adding things to this household and living in it had taken on greater urgency. That's unfortunate, because I find the boxes oppressive. But I'm just not in the mood to do anything about it now.

I know I've harped on this a lot, but it really strikes me how different our current neighborhood is. I like driving around it, I like the variety of houses, the older narrower streets, the bigger trees, the close-together small houses, the relative hustle and bustle of people outside.

We visited our house-under-construction tonight, and it hit me that we've actually been living in Cupertino all along, not Sunnyvale. It's a Sunnyvale zip code, but everything about it is much more like Cupertino -- quiet, large lots, cookie-cutter houses, and yes, the school district with the whizzy-whee test scores. Now we're in Sunnyvale, which is scrappier, lower-brow, less ordered, not as neat and clean.

Clearly I'm brushing on a minor identity crisis between my urban upbringing and my suburban adulthood. But we're not moving!!

I misplaced my camera tonight, otherwise you'd be enjoying photos of Katrina in a rare dress, after soaking through two sets of T-shirts and shorts today playing in water at Melissa's. It's HOT here, a full-on heat wave! The kids are on yet another sleepover, in theory so we can dig out at home, but I'm so defeated that I think I'll just go to bed. After I find my camera. It probably dropped into a box somewhere.

[ Later addendum: it was in my car! ]

If Katrina isn't pushing the tricycle around in circles with one foot, then she's pushing around something else with wheels. Later, all three of them on their way to Tonya's for a sleepover, big brother as usual on baby duty.

At Tonya's, we weighed them with clothes but without shoes. Gabriel was 39.1 pounds, Julian 35.8. Gabriel might actually break 40 pounds before he's 7!

You can probably see that I trimmed Katrina's bangs, sneaking in a snip before she knew what was happening, resulting in a goofy angle again. I give up!


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