Friday, August 29, 2008

8/29/08 Underachiever

I had all sorts of plans for today, my day "off" -- sort of. Yet few of them were accomplished. I think I just heap everything that's pressuring me to get done into one day, unrealistically. I'm so unproductive. Yet somehow, other women my age manage to have a Down's baby and four other children, and still find time to govern Alaska and run for vice-president. I couldn't even get dinner made tonight.

Before driving north to pick up my car tonight, I managed to get the crew to pose for a photo. This isn't the best one of all three, but Julian's face is irresistable.

After picking up my car, Dave took the boys out to dinner, and I came home with Katrina, who had the rare treat of being able to put together train tracks without fraternal interference. She loves these train tracks.

So do I. These have been far and away our longest-lasting toy, as Gabriel got them when he was Katrina's age, for Christmas. Unlike his two younger siblings, he couldn't put tracks together until he was at least 2-1/2.

I'm sure keeping the cows in business though. Today at TJs I bought just about every dairy product there is: milk, cottage cheese, several types of yogurt, several types of cheese, sour cream, half-and-half, heavy cream, several kinds of cheese, butter and ice cream!


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