Sunday, August 03, 2008

8/3/08 "Fix it!"

This is Katrina's latest phrase: "fix it!" This applies to numerous things: a stuck stroller, two train cars that need to be coupled, a cup that needs to be refilled. So far it's been uttered without the characteristic demanding screech, but she's still pretty insistent when she says it.

Another new phrase: "thank you!" Little moments like that make you feel like you're doing something right.

Another playdate today with Kirin, the son of one of Dave's coworker's (Uday). Kirin lives in Ohio with his mother, but spends summers here with his Dad. They'd planned to go BMXing, but Kirin broke his arm two weeks ago in a soccer daycamp. That didn't prevent all sorts of fun today at a large nearby park -- the boys brought their bicycles and had a great time riding around, and climbing around some rock and concrete climbing structures.

Kirin's grandfather was there too, and gave Julian a helping hand. Julian seemed to need this only when there was a grownup around to offer.

Uday (Kirin's Dad) brought his dog Jackson, in whom Katrina had moderate interest when she wasn't pushing the stroller around. No fear of the big dog at all.

I've been a baking fiend lately, determined not to waste so much as one piece of fruit that's been raining in from my split CSA subscription. Uday, his father, and five kids (Kirin, Rahul, Kirin's 5-year-old cousin, and our three), enjoyed some plum mince streusel bars.

Katrina played a little on the climbing structures, under Dad's careful guidance, but they were way beyond her ability and she'd get stuck and cry. Not brave and not athletic -- I guess that's a good combination. She'll have to fall back on cuteness.

Watching brothers play frisbee. Julian, once again, the best thrower.

Uday's fiance is also a pretty blonde who grew up the youngest of three with two older brothers. She wasn't there today, but I pick her brain about the experience whenever I see her!

Big week coming up. Julian starts a new preschool tomorrow, and I start...w_o_r_k on Tuesday. Boom.


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