Monday, August 04, 2008

8/4/08 The New Week

Gabriel saw a "Baby on Board" sign in a car window today and asked why that was there. I explained that it was so other people know there's a baby in the car. He said "Oh," then paused, and asked, "What if they don't know?"

He couldn't understand why I was laughing for 5 minutes. I've never liked those signs, even before I was a parent, and perhaps even moreso now that I am one. Are others expected to drive extra-carefully around a car that might have a baby in it? Aside from the impracticality and futility, is a baby's life any more important than anyone else's? Does a mother's, grandfather's, dear friend's, teenage child's, husband's life deserve any less regard than a baby's? Sure, I'd want other drivers to take care when I had a baby in my car, but I want that just as much now that my babies aren't babies anymore. I know, I know, it's just a silly sign with a cute alliteration, but they've always bugged me a little.

It took "only" 45 minutes to drop everyone off today, and that was with first-time dropoffs, picking up things, dropping off things. Julian's new school was ready for him, with a spot at the table, a cubby, his own teacher. He was excited to bring his new pink lunchsack (fortunately we've recovered from fraternal mockery), and went in happily with his new teacher.

When I picked him up, he was happily playing out back in the very nice outdoor play area.

I talked at length with his teacher -- the same person I dropped him off with -- and she said he did great. No crying for Mommy, he listened and played well with other kids, and adapted immediately. I didn't expect any problems, but I was relieved and proud to hear how well he'd done anyway.

They did a little music class today, and she said she thought he wasn't getting anything out of it, since he was immobile during the music, but afterward he asked for more, and sang the songs to himself. Just like Julian!

Julian's teacher added with incredulity, "He can read!" They had some exercise that involved looking at pictures in books that also had some writing, and Julian misunderstood and went ahead and read the words aloud. I was really happy that he's getting enough attention that she noticed.

(My pride is a little tempered with self-consciousness about being mistaken for a parent who feels it's important for their preschooler to "get ahead," so I rushed to explain that we don't have a tutor or do enrichment programs or show him flashcards or anything. Then it just sounds like I'm bragging. But it's true -- he's just really interested in reading, and much of the credit goes to Dave, who reads to them every night, always books within their reach to read too. And Julian has the older brother to model after.)

Anyway, it was a smashing success. I'm thrilled with Julian's new place. And very, very proud of my well-adjusted, charming, happy little boy.

I don't know if Katrina's making up for the stomach-flu episode, but all of a sudden, we just can't feed her enough. She's still VERY opinionated about what the food is, but for things she likes, she's ravenous. Breakfast yesterday was a banana, three bowls of cereal, then two pancakes.

After her dinner and during ours, she played fiercely with this little castle toy with balls that fit into the castle towers. She was at this for no less than a solid half-hour, giggling and yakking constantly.

She's been a real chatty-Katty lately; Tonya says she talks all day long.

Gabriel was back at the CDC today, reunited with his pal Parth. Unfortunately, the first thing he said to me when I picked him up was, "Mom, I am really having trouble hearing!" During an "I Spy" game he had to ask, "WHA-AT?" repeatedly. We have an appointment scheduled next week for him, but I'm going to try to move it up.

I had a nice run yesterday, despite my heightened aversion to yellowjackets, which thankfully were not in sight at all. But darnit, my feet are buzzing tonight. This can only get worse when I go back to work tomorrow.


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