Thursday, August 07, 2008

8/7/08 Big Boys

Sit down for this one: this morning, Gabriel and Julian got up, made their beds, got themselves dressed, got themselves breakfast, cleaned up breakfast (!), got their shoes on, and were completely ready to go before we were even out of our bedroom!!!! They won't offer any more explanation for this besides Julian admitting, "It was Gabriel's idea!" Amazing.

On the way to pick Gabriel up today, Katrina revealed another word I didn't know she knew: "Peece Tow!" Believe it or not, that means "police car." She was pointing to a Sheriff who'd pulled over a car on the road where Gabriel's CDC is. I didn't think she'd recognize the flashing lights, but she did.

As I often do, I left Julian and Katrina in the car while I zipped in to get Gabriel. Eeps! Sounds bad, but really, I always lower all the windows, and leave the keys in the car so the windows can be operated and the car moved if need be. Really, the odds of someone stealing my car out of a school parking lot with two small children in it are far, far less than one of them getting injured in the parking lot as I try to herd them through the minivan parade. No need to call the cops on me.

Especially since one was right there to take up your cause anyway.

When I emerged with Gabriel, Katrina's "peece tow" was now next to my car, with the concerned young Sheriff interrogating Julian. Oh great. Fortunately, Julian had answered "inside there!" rather than "I don't know, she's gone" as I'd feared. And I really was gone for less than two minutes. He seemed to understand as I hastily explained my safety (yes, and convenience) tradeoff. Julian said he sure hoped the policeman gave me a good ticket instead of a bad ticket.

Driving home, Gabriel asked an accidentally relevant question: "Is jail timeout for grownups?" The context wasn't my encounter with the fuzz, but rather, the Detroit mayor's incarceration today. Good thing my kids are up on current events!

What are the odds for a repeat of this morning's domestic help? I give it Julian's favorite odds: 10,000 to 1! But I'm delighted they took such fun in this today.


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Queen Bee said...

I sometimes leave mine in the car while I walk a prepaid package (no waiting!) into the post office. All I have to do is set it on the counter - and the parking lot is literally 6 steps from the door. I usually leave my sun roof open, and crack all 4 windows about 5 inches. Then I get out, lock the doors, and keep the keys with me....because of the incredibly far-off possibility that someone would try to steal the car with my kids inside. I always feel bad about doing it, but I'm LIGHTNING quick when I do...and I'm always so relieved to be back. I sometimes wonder...if it makes me feel so anxious, why don't I just take them in? Because taking them in really *is* a big pain in the butt when I'm only going to gone for 20 seconds! That's why! Anyway, I'm glad you didn't get a "bad ticket." :)