Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/10/08 The Complaint

Gabriel made a complaint tonight that would make any mother's heart sing: "I have the healthiest lunch in my whole class! Everyone else always gets junk food!" Unfortunately, I doubt that's really true. He gets more than his share of nutritionally-challenged items for lunch, such as macaroni and cheese and bagels; and I'm sure most of his classmates get healthy lunches. Indian cooking doesn't have a strong tradition of Goldfish.

But I've just discovered another lunch item both boys will accept as their "main course": green beans! Poor kids! MOMom. (Mean Old Mom.) Well, maybe that will make up for Katrina's near-complete rejection of all things green.

I had the nicest most adorable and heartwarming phone call and singing from my niece and nephew today, full of giggles and silly sounds.

Dave asked me later if I ever got dollar bills in birthday cards from grandparents, and I had to remind him that I really didn't grow up with grandparents. Three were dead before I remember, and my remaining grandfather lived in France and was in a nursing home by the time I was in junior high school. He struck me as a rather formal fellow; even if he lived closeby it's hard to imagine we'd have gone to the zoo together. I had one aunt and two uncles, and one uncle had four children roughly the same ages as my brother and sister and I, but they were raised in France and we didn't see them a lot (we are in loose touch and I like my French cousins a lot).

So I'm very very glad to have extended family in this part of my life. My niece and nephew singing Happy Birthday to me on the phone more than makes up for the lost dollar bills from grandparents.

9/10/08 (45 and counting!)

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Happy Birthday to you!