Saturday, September 13, 2008

9/13/08 Scrap snap

That's it! I'm tired of my scrapbooking stuff being trapped in boxes. I've been baking like a fiend, but it still doesn't make up for it. Time to liberate my tools, adhesives and papers!

In doing so, I found my high school yearbook, in about the last unopened box from the move. It's late in coming, but here's my long-promised high school yearbook photo with the missing baby tooth. The scan is poor, but you can still make out a definite gap in on my right side. It was, thankfully, my last lost baby tooth, but the gap being so obvious in a photo of such lasting import was mortifying to a self-conscious 17-year-old.

(What's with the collared shirt? I've worn shirts with collars about 9 times in my whole life, and one of them had to be for this photo?! And the ribbon...ugh!)

Dave took the boys bicycling today, but not at the BMX park for once. We're pretty close now to the Baylands park, with a system of flat dirt trails atop levees and surrounding salt ponds and wetlands rich with birdlife. A great place to ride, though the boys liked the one place with a hill the most.

They took the pre-riding preparation very seriously.

I would have loved to hang out and play today, but it was all business this morning. Fortunately, Katrina behaved really well for a long time in the stroller at a bathroom showroom, plus two trips to the house, a drugstore return and a bookstore stop.

Meantime, I have countless details to pursue: the fireplace framing is too high; the jobsite foreman lost the doorway arch detail; answer the interior door guy's question about a detail that doesn't pertain to the style we chose, pick up the plumbing fixtures, prepare for a switch & outlet walkthrough with the electrician on Tuesday, price two vanities for the upstairs kids' bathroom, find a 6"-deep recessed medicine cabinet that will fit the downstairs bathroom, change the bathtub order from RH to LH drain since the plumbing has to be reversed, make the pantry door only 28" wide so the inswing will clear the's never-ending.

Well, on the bright side, it makes the time I do spend with my dear children more meaningful. I found myself holding off putting Katrina to bed tonight just so I could spend more time with her. The ultimate in working-parent guilt! Aside from her nightly mealtime tantrum, she's been absolutely adorable the past few days.

Migraine is still there, but it's downgraded to a 1. Low enough I might be able to cobble together a little scrapbooking area tonight...!


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