Sunday, September 14, 2008

9/14/08 Park picnic

I took Katrina and Julian to a 2006 Las Madres picnic in a park today. The boys said they wanted to go, but Gabriel bailed at the last minute. Just as well! I love excuses to go to the park on weekends, and was glad to make it a toddler-focused event.

The 2006 moms. Actually, all of us here are also 2004 moms, and some of us even 2002 moms as well. The "true" 2006 moms who arrived later are both uber-pregnant with 2008 babies, due this month!

All the moms with our 2006 babies. 4 boys, 2 girls. These support groups tend to be heavy on boy-moms. I wonder why....?

Julian and Thomas, Sonia's 2004 son. Thomas is only 7 weeks younger than Julian, and they've done many things together over the years (including their first ice-skating class), but not really enough to know each other well.

Julian does know Andrew well, and they tackled this steep hill immediately. Somehow Julian ended up at the top instructing Thomas and Andrew how to climb up, amusing since Andrew is a capable athlete. I notice that Julian relishes opportunities to shine and be the "expert" for once when his older brother isn't around.

Meantime, Katrina played with Nico, 5 weeks younger than she is.

Me and Nico's mom, Stefanie. If you thought I was rigorous about taking photos, I'm nothing compared to the ultra-thorough Sonia!

Katrina had a grand time digging in the gravel. She played some version of "kitchen," in which she took the shovel and wiped it across her face, then started to drink from the gravel-filled bucket. The mother in me wants to halt these activities; the observer in me says that she'll figure it out quickly enough on her own. So I kept my flinching to myself as she "drank" gravel.

There were balls to play with, and other 2006 babies, younger than herself and much faster, to chase.

Sonia even got some photos of me and Katrina together, though Katrina wouldn't look up for the photos (deliberately, the little stinker). Still, I relish any chance to document us together, for her sake.

This funny pose on her part makes this shot my favorite.

It was a really nice, relaxed visit to the park. Katrina was great, no fits or crying or being impossible -- just hanging out, exploring, playing, interacting with other kids, and generally have a great time. And thanks to that and the company of new and old friends, so did I!


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