Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9/17/08 "There!"

Katrina's new word: "there!" Though it sounds more like "day!" Her articulation is on the "only-Mom-understands-sometimes" level, but she's very excited about pointing things out and saying "there!" "Red car there!" "Bicycle there!" "Doggie there!"

Oh yeah, the red car. She insists on the "red car" (Dave's is red, mine is green) as we leave the house, and endures varying degrees of disappointment when I have to break it to her that we're going in the green car, like we do every day. She points out every red car we drive by: "rit cah day! rit cah day! rit trah (truck) day!" She just likes red cars right now, it seems.

I love how she hums a syllable if she knows one is in a phrase she's repeating, but doesn't know what it is. We look at the Play-Doh strewn all over the floor and say, "Monkey made a mess!" and she answers "Mmm-ee mm mm MESS!"

Swamped, exhausted, gotta lay out plumbing fixtures by Friday. "There!" I'd rather play with my little bubble-mouth baby.


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