Thursday, September 18, 2008

9/18/08 Plumbing placement

Ever wish your shower were higher? Or that you could reach the tub controls while sitting in the tub? Have you ever really given any thought to aligning knobs and showerheads with even spacing so they looked right?

Apparently, people do this. And when you've spent as much as we have on plumbing fixtures, so do I. But even if you don't spend much money, you still have to decide where to put things. Hence my evening. No Coffee Night, no photos, no blogging....well, I can still blog while I persuade my printer to do more than one sheet at a time.

Big meeting with the plumbers tomorrow, when I hand them my (in-theory) completely prepared designs and dimensions, and they instantly poke holes in it "sorry ma'am can't mount the shower bar there," "those are too close together" "well, 'standard' is usually..." or, more likely, completely ignore it. I'm going to make darned certain there isn't one lick of blue tape on the (future) bathroom walls, because it instantly turns off trademens' ability to read.

Dave worked late tonight, so I put the three to bed myself, something I don't usually do. I had a great time wrestling with Katrina while putting her pajamas on, letting her "knock" me over, which she thought was hilarious, then rolling on the floor holding her and flopping her giggle-wracked body around. I'm happy to say that now the regular mealtime tantrum is, generally, the only seriously annoying thing about the day with her, rather than the most annoying. It's a jinx to say this, but I'm starting to cautiously raise my hopes for age 2.

Susan, Tonya's friend who often helps her with the daycare, observed today that Katrina is talking in sentences now. I guess she is! "Red car there" is sort of a sentence, but Susan heard her say "I have orange pants!" Allowing for very jumbled articulation, she does say things like that.

No school tomorrow. What a relief not having to deal with homework. Except for this onerous plumbing design thing.


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