Friday, September 19, 2008

9/19/08 No school day

No school today (Staff Learning Day or something), so Gabriel joined us for the weekly jobsite meeting. He was really good and let us conduct our business with no trouble. What a difference 4 years makes! There's no way Katrina would have allowed that.

When plumbers ask you multiple times where a newly delivered cast-iron bathtub sitting in the driveway goes, there's a reason. 600 pounds of it. I guess they figured if they asked enough times, eventually the answer would change, but the answer was unwaveringly upstairs. Sorry, guys.

Well, they got the last word. No sooner did I finish the big push with the plumbers, now the electrician said he needs all the light fixtures next week!

I'm a nut about making use of spaces. Under our U-shaped staircase (it used to be an L), the carpenters have framed a handy storage area, that connects at both sides. Kids are gonna love this. Gabriel demonstrates the pass-through storage area under the stairs.



Our most wonderful kitchen designer was there today too. She walked in and immediately noticed that the arched niche behind the cooktop is framed in the wrong place (not a big deal, they can move it).

Someday it might look something like this (that reminds me, I've got to give Stacey back her magazine article that this photo came from!).

I'm really missing Katrina these days. She's just lighting up and exploding, turning into such an amazing little person. But even on Fridays, when I don't go to work, I just can't possibly find the time. When the remodel is over....

Maybe Katrina is missing me too. Tonight she resisted going for her bath with Dad, crying "MAMA!!!" and rushing to me with open arms and even giving me some semblance of a hug. Anyone who knows her even slightly will recognize this as highly uncharacteristic behavior. Then as I hugged her, she looked at Dave over my shoulder and smirked. The little stinker!

It's getting chilly enough in the mornings that I'm digging out jackets and sweaters now. This adorable number still fits, with a little style license. Bonne Maman knit it for Katrina when she was 3 months old.

My beautiful, spunky, vibrant baby. I do miss you so!

But I had a very nice day alone with my firstborn, reminding me that I'm determined not to be controlled by a full-time 9-5 schedule, despite our new financial committments. I want to be there for Staff Learning Days, and many others.


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She is such a pretty girl!