Friday, September 12, 2008

9/12/08 The Princess

Julian wanted to take a picture of me today. So I showed him how to use the camera and "posed" for a photo. To my surprise, he actually got me in the picture -- it's pretty hard for kids to hold the camera still and push the button at the same time. Bonus: it's out of focus!

Looking at the photo in the camera screen, he said, "A princess!"

I'll take it. I've been reeling today from the escalation of my 6-day migraine from low-grade to medium. It's not the most painful headache I've ever had, but the surrounding symptoms are bordering unbearable: the strange waving sensations, the light sensitivity, inability to concentrate, irrational sleepiness, being cold, slight nausea; and worst of all, the sense of despondency and hopelessness.

Not a good day for a bad headache, as if there ever is one. Today was intense with house-remodeling items. First, our jobsite meeting, in which countless things were reviewed, reminded, fixed, moved, decided, accepted, more appointments set up. Then a productive meeting with the architect/interior designer at the tile store, then to the kitchen designer's showroom, to sign off on kitchen cabinets, order to be placed Monday.

After writing a very, very large check, I picked up all three kids and took them home, gritting my teeth through the usual Katrina mealtime tantrum. ALL she wants are bananas, and she ended up getting two, plus a few bites of yogurt, for dinner.

Finally, when she was done tormenting me in the high chair and ready to be cute again, I could make the boys' dinner. Or have them help me. They were a little dismayed when I sprinkled bits of spinach on the pizza we made, but complaining about pizza toppings is a little like complaining about ice cream flavors -- fine, then don't have it!

Julian was my sous-chef tonight, and did the cheese and "pepperoni" (turkey meatballs that I sliced).

Katrina made her way into the office, where she suckered Dad into sitting on his lap and playing with his calculator.

She likes TuxPaint, a free Mac painting application that includes a stamp feature. Here's a good example of her asking for help, then imitating me saying "make pickup truck."

Gabriel's invented a goofy way to lift the front wheel of his bicycle from a near-stop, or very slow. Most of the time he falls, but occasionally he gets it.

I really really really really wish this headache would let me enjoy my children -- and my life -- this weekend!


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