Sunday, September 28, 2008

9/28/08 The Water Frog

Katrina's new phrases now include "I finiss da PEES!" (I finish the peas) and "I found it -- on the floor!" and, when rocking on a footstool, "I make a noysssss!" (noise). These new phrases indicate some new conceptual expression now, indicating abstract things (noise) or locations (on the floor). She still doesn't do a lot of back-and-forth; mostly she answers "Naaaahhh!!!" if you ask something, with an occasional, "yeaaaaHHH!" but she sure is getting good at announcing her accomplishments.

When Gabriel was a toddler, I'd walk in a room and find things (usually cars) lined up all the time. Today, Katrina was doing the same thing, only this time with the little characters that came with the house playset.

It almost sounded like she was telling me what they were saying to each other. Oh no, she's turning into a girl on me!

I took the three to Michael's today to look for doodads for Julian's Halloween costume. As I was checking out, an elderly lady behind us on line smiled as she watched Gabriel play with Katrina's feet as she was sitting in the cart, making her giggle, with Julian watching closeby. She looked at me and said, "You're going to have a great Christmas!" then, very sincerely, "I wish I could see that."

Then I took them to the park near our house, briefly I warned the boys, because Katrina was way overdue for a nap. I'd planned for the day to be a down day, but they really needed to get out, so I stretched Katrina anyway. Fortunately, there was a frog water feature at the park, and she didn't budge from there.

I had a great time playing "soccer" with the boys, though I've never played and have no idea how to "handle" a soccer ball. I think the rules are sort of like hockey, but without the checking. My ignorance didn't bother the boys at all, we kicked it around together, tried to get it past each other, tried to steal it from each other and "scored" sometimes.

If I do turn into a soccer mom, does that mean I can play too?! This was fun! Making banners and organizing trips I'm not so sure about, but the running-around part is a blast.

Meantime, Katrina got herself completely dripping-wet soaked.

I'm not in the habit of bringing extra clothes, but I did have a towel in the car, so she went home in a diaper. Boy was she mad about being pulled off that frog though! I think I got as wet as she was from trying to carry her to the car. She really, really likes to play in water, we'll have to do this some more.


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mommycupcake said...

The water frog looks great, where is this park?