Saturday, October 04, 2008

10/4/08 Costume Day

Halloween Season is here! Recognize this costume?

Except she's taller and chubbier around the waist than her skinny older brother, who was also 4 months younger at the time.

Katrina wasn't really into the trick-or-treat portion of the party until she found the bag of ducks. Ducks and trucks for her today (other kids kept pushing her around in this, it was pretty funny.)

After her nap, we took The Three to the house, mostly because Dave and I both needed to be there to notarize documents with our next-door neighbors, thanks to our favorite travelling notary, Melissa. She and Katrina were happy to see each other again. I didn't get a photo of them, darnit.

I did get a few crummy ones of Katrina endlessly looping through the under-stair storage hideaway.


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