Tuesday, September 30, 2008

9/30/08 The way minds work

Tonight I commented that something was "random." Julian pondered this for a moment, then piped up, "That's like Peggy's...er, child!" Huh? After some probing, it turned out that he meant that the word "random" sounds like "Miranda." (And that he doesn't know the word "daughter.")

A few nights ago, I was half-listening to the Presidential debate on the radio, and Katrina picked up on the name "Dr. Kissinger." "Dah-ta KEES-GEH! Dah-ta KEES-GEH!" she chanted again and again. Not exactly baby talk.

At dinner tonight, I was reading Gabriel's weekly curriculum, and noted that he had P.E. tomorrow. "PEEEEE!" Gabriel hollered, and he stood up and thrust his crotch forward, pretended to hold himself and spray the room, still shouting "PEEEEEEE!!!"

Sigh. This is our hope for the future?


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