Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10/15/08 The Duet

Somehow, we got through homework in time tonight for Dave to practice a little piano with Gabriel. He's got an informal duet practice planned for Saturday with a teenaged girl saxophone player. Dad will have to do as a melody-playing partner in the meantime.

Dave and I are starting to think about talking to Gabriel's teacher about changing classes -- if that would help with the onerous homework situation. I really don't know if we're completely off here, if we're the only parents having such a hard time. The homework just doesn't work well for a kid who wants to do it himself and can't. When I give him hints for words that rhyme with "lick," he says, "Don't tell me Mom, I want to think of them myself!" But then he can't think of enough words, it takes forever and he gets distracted and bored....and still has four more language exercises to do -- plus the spelling, math and reading.

Julian's really the one getting shortchanged. Katrina's perfectly happy to play by herself -- when she's allowed to by her meddlesome brother that is -- but Julian wants to talk and show us stuff, and I want to do that with him.

I know I've complained about homework a lot this week -- and it's only Wednesday! OK, no more! After all, Halloween season starts in earnest this weekend, and I still have a few costume parts to make! That's much more fun.


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