Sunday, October 12, 2008

10/12/08 All Italian Day

Once a year, an Alfa Romeo club in Alameda puts on All Italian Day, in which people are invited to exhibit their Italian vehicles, to raise money for the Special Olympics. I've gone many times with Dave -- once even on an Italian vehicle, but in the past few years he's mostly gone with one or both of the boys, depending on their state of toddlerdom. This year, I considered going, but we decided it was too risky to take Katrina, since she could easily ruin a fun event that only comes around once a year.

But I'm glad I didn't go. I had a great day alone with my funny little girl. She's exploding, every day doing and saying new things. One of her latest tricks is to say, "I sing a song!" and indeed, she hums a few bars and clumsily stamps from side to side as if to dance to it. Today she caught me typing email to my mom, and demanded to sit on my lap, then wouldn't let me type. "Hanns DOWN!" she'd say firmly, then pull my hands off the keyboard. OK, OK, I get the picture!

I didn't do anything special with her today, but when you're 2, even a simple soybean-butter-and-jelly sandwich lunch (on your shirt, the table, your hair, your face, and everywhere except your stomach) is great fun.

I did take her to the Y and then to TJ's though. As much as I'd love to have a day when I hole up and home and go nowhere, kids need to get out.

The boys didn't want to take apart the Lego dune buggy I'd made yesterday. I couldn't believe how much it meant to them that I'd made it, and they both took great care of it and wanted me to take a picture of it. I have to remember that for the future.

It did come apart today, as a way of comforting Julian, who wanted more Legos to play with. There are only a few he can call his own; most of the Legos we have are parts of kits that Gabriel has either gotten as gifts or bought himself with his allowance. The boys are horrified when I tell them that when I was a kid, there were no Lego kits and very few specialized pieces!

A very nice day with my joyful, lively little toddler. Can you tell I'm falling in love all over again?


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