Friday, October 17, 2008

10/17/08 The Puzzle

Katrina opened a final birthday present today: an adorable round puzzle from her East Coast cousins. She won't let me touch the pieces to show her how to put it together, instead preferring to go "zoom zoom" and "choo choo" with the car and train pieces!

Thank you Aunt Stephanie!

Warren Buffett had an op-ed in the NY Times today, in which he said: "When everyone is greedy, be fearful. When everyone is fearful, be greedy."

Despite all the bad economic news today, especially in home construction, I talked to my own "Joe the Plumber" today. "Damian the Carpenter" is doing all the framing, siding and window installation in our house (him and a sizable crew that is). His business just landed two huge residential contracts and he said they just hired 5 more guys yesterday. Seems Damian and Warren are on the same wavelength, one that gave me a nice pick-up.


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