Saturday, October 11, 2008

10/11/08 Crazy ponytail

Katrina randomly disapproves of having her hair pulled back, so sometimes I've got to work very quickly. The result can sometimes be this silly bouncy ponytail -- one side only, of course. What a little ragamuffin!

She was actually quite darling today. I went to an aerobics class this morning, an old-fashioned high-impact thing for which I'm sure to pay for later, but it was nice to be done with my weekend workout by 10am on Saturday. That let me hang out with Katrina and Julian the rest of the morning while Dave took Gabriel to his piano lesson.

I managed to squeeze in a shower while Katrina and Julian played, which mostly worked except hearing Katrina screech a few times. I called for Julian to come and stay with me in the bathroom until I was done with the shower, and he claimed he had no idea why she was screeching. He looked so innocent, but he was clutching her favorite book in his hand, the little pest.

I'm still struggling with a headache, that today manifests itself in strange wave sensations (like when you're in a car wash and see the wash machine move and think you're moving too but you're not), headache pain, and intense sleepiness. An overall down day was called for, and I got it.


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