Wednesday, October 08, 2008

10/8/08 Balance

Commute was horrendous this morning.
Work was extraordinarily boring and impossible due to a sickly slow computer.
I was dead tired and distracted by a remodeling issue.
I went home early and took a sound nap, completely unable to function.

Gabriel lost his second tooth.
Julian's proud of reading books every day.
Katrina is full of new phrases and antics.

Today when I picked her up, she was pushing a jogging stroller around Tonya's driveway, with Dylan happily holding onto it.

They were SO SO cute.

I miss scrapbooking.
I want to volunteer for the PTA and help with Running Club.
I want to take the kids to swim lessons.
I even want to be a soccer mom! (I draw the line at the minivan though.)

Something's wrong with this picture!

Never mind me, I'm just super grumpy today. Or was until I went on a Mom's Night Out to a ceramic-painting place tonight. That's more like it.



Queen Bee said...

I hear ya'. Our minivan served us well, but I wasn't AT ALL heart broken two weeks ago when we sold it and got a big 'ol 4x4 burgundy Expedition instead. It's WAY more my style! It says "You can't scare me, I have three boys AND this gianormous vehicle!!!" I should be concerned about the gas mileage, but since I stay pretty local it isn't an issue. Plus with two boys on two different soccer teams, it's the cool option for this soccer Mom. :o)

DaVE said...

Expedit...... ?!?!? No no no. Wrong direction. The argument against a "mini"van is that they're too big.

If not a van, I'm thinking more a Mini Cooper Clubman.

Or another Sube. Noemi likes CRVs.

Trucks are for hauling bikes and lumber, not soccer balls.

mommieN. said...

Easy for us to stick with small cars -- you should see QB's boys. In any case, no new cars at all right now (see the market lately? ouch!)

MommaWriter said...

There isn't a single solitary reason you need to have a minivan (or an SUV) to be a soccer mom. You only have to take the kid(s) there, not the whole soccer team. I recommend being a soccer mom regardless of transportation.

Hey, I didn't know Dave read your blog! Then again, when have you ever seen *my* husband comment on *my* blog??? And I'm sure he reads each entry before anyone else ever sees it.