Tuesday, October 07, 2008

10/7/08 The neighborhood bank

On the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Court St, not far from where I grew up in Brooklyn, was a small neighborhood bank that held my first savings account.

I still remember the time I ventured bravely in there to open my first bank account. I still feel so bad for the poor lady who had to break it to this earnest 11-year-old girl that she didn't have enough for the minimum deposit of $5! It took a few weeks, but I saved and earned enough to open my first account with just over $7. That bank held my entire net worth, which never topped $100, until I went to college.

That bank is gone now. But the building remains, and today my brother sent a photo of its replacement. If this isn't a sign of hope, I don't know what is. (See the lit vertical sign at the very left of the photo.)

Gabriel decided to finish his entire week's worth of language homework tonight. When that kid gets motivated, there's no stopping him. Just one night's worth of homework was to write a sentence with each of his spelling words, of which there are 10 required and 5 optional. Ten minutes? No way.

I couldn't persuade him from doing the optional harder words; he insisted and likes them better. The regular words are ones like "map," "cap," "me," and "us," but the optional "context" words are baffling -- "flexible," "rigid," "rough," "pointy," and "opaque!" Opaque?! Are you freakin' kidding me? Is this a first-grade spelling list or SAT preparation?! But, he can spell and use all of them -- in fact, he had an easier time coming up with sentences using them ("Wood is opaque") than sentences with "us" and "her."

I found a fond moment in the homework though. Gabriel's sentence using the word "me" was "My Mom loves me." You better believe it, kid!


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MommaWriter said...

Love the picture. That's pretty hilarious, actually! Then again, our local TJs is on the site of the old Denny's where I used to go and eat two kids' breakfasts for dinner when my dad was out of town. Somehow that just doesn't seem quite as cool...