Thursday, November 13, 2008

11/13/08 All tile, all the time

I know you're all getting tired of this. I never get tired of tile.

We had a very successful excursion to the tile store again to choose tile for the living room fireplace. This time, we had a design already. This makes a ton more sense to me than choosing tile first, then doing the design. Derive the formula, plug in the data. That's how I think. Plus, with Dave there, it helped keep things focused (though I had to nix his preference for slate).

And it worked really well. We wanted Craftsman-y, but not dreary or depressing as Craftsman-y designs so often are. I love the tile we ended up with, and it didn't take all that long to settle on all the colors and accents.

Big bonus is that we'll do the hearth in that stone-looking porcelain tile on the right, and save a bundle on granite.

And now that we're done with tile, I can move on to lighting, bathroom accessories, trim, doorknobs, appliances, bathroom countertops, interior paint colors, and many many other things you all are grateful are just there in your house and you don't think about them!


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lberry said...

Your firplace will look fabulous! and the living room will appear larger and brighter than with the old bulky dark fireplace - excellent choices !
hang in there!