Saturday, November 15, 2008

11/15/08 Daydreamer

I found this sign on the small table where Gabriel has been working on his comic book.

Katrina spent over half an hour sampling every tooth-cleaning implement in the kids' bathroom drawer, including a bag of 50 floss sticks.

Of course, you don't let your toddler put her mouth all over everyone else's toothbrushes if you know about I lied to myself that all the cheerful chatter coming from the bathroom couldn't possibly involve an unsanitary or undesirable activity.

Julian endured two more "errands" today, one to the tile store to pick up an order, and another to a stone place to check out prefabricated granite. One of the hidden costs of remodeling is all the new Captain Underpants books.

He was really good on our errands, but was a big pain the rest of the day. We were expecting triple disaster after the sleepover last night, but only Julian met our expectations, so we came out ahead.

Too bad most home improvement businesses are closed on Sundays. Guess I'll have to be a mom instead of a frantic stressed-out homeowner for a day.


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