Wednesday, November 05, 2008

11/5/08 Freud, anyone?

Last night I had a dream that I was standing in a house on the beach and watching waves come close, getting bigger and bigger. Then the waves were huge, far taller than the house and they were going to wash us away! But it wasn't a house, it was more like a department store. I rushed up to the second floor, then Dave and I were driving quickly away from the approaching wave, stopping quickly to pick up socks and other clothes for the kids. Whatever I happened to grab would be what they'd have to live with for many years, as we tried to survive after the calamity.

Being overwhelmed by huge waves? Survival mode? Desperate times ahead? No one needs Freud to analyze this one! Clearly, I have a "little" anxiety.

Still, this is nothing like the terrifying nightmares I get around migraine-time. Though nowadays I almost always feel something I've come to associate with migraines, I haven't had more than a day of a full migraine for about two weeks now. Good, because I just don't have the time.

I'm making steady progress on all the numerous items needed to order or choose for the remodel, but I'm increasingly frustrated with myself that I let it get to this. I knew at the very beginning of this project that I'd have a great deal to do, and told myself numerous times to get everything done way ahead of time, so I could sit back and relax and watch it all get built. No last-minute mad scrambles. Well guess what. It's a last-minute mad scramble. They seem to follow me (ahem)....yeah, yeah, that's the ticket, it's not my fault at all.... No Freud needed to identify that denial!


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