Saturday, November 08, 2008

11/8/08 Trim details

Spent all night writing up all our trim selections in the house. For most remodels, this is a three-liner: "use this for the baseboard, this for the door casing, and that for window trim."

For us, it's never that simple. Many, but not all, of our windows will look like this, a basic "Craftsman-style" window trim.

Every room is different. Every room has at least one unique feature.

The trim selections were supposed to be delivered last Monday, and it still needs all sorts of checking to see how/if things will fit. It's late. It's incomplete. And I spent much time today working on it instead of doing things with the kids. But it's a necessary -- if insufficient -- step toward shaking off REMODELING as the dominant force in my life.

Gabriel spent much of the day writing a comic book.
Julian spent much of the day pestering Gabriel.
Katrina spent much of the day tearing apart the family room and scribbling in books. Nothing's cuter than when she bursts into the room and blurts out, "HI BOISE!!!"


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