Thursday, November 06, 2008

11/6/08 Kid Snippets

Gabriel's classwork today included a section called "Problem Solving - Reasoning: Number Sense." It has two drawings, one with 4 apples and one with 5 oranges. The instructions say: "Draw each group with 1 less. Explain how you know there is 1 less."

Gabriel's explanation:
"because the derections said!"
(No genetic tests needed. This literal boy is most definitely his father's son.)

Then apparently his teacher corrected him, because he added:
"No, because four - 3 = 1."

Julian tonight at dinner: "Beautiful frogs are always poisonous!"
Yesterday: "Carrots are good for your eyes."

This sort of thing is all he ever says about school. But these "science snippets" are no idle comments; they're delivered thoughtfully and with great sincerity.

Katrina tonight:
(Can you tell at which point I set the couscous in front of her?)

Tonya, having raised 3 girls, makes some mean ponytails:

though my dear girl was hardly cooperative about a photo-op.

Tonya, having raised 3 girls, probably doesn't know much about Captain Underpants books. Want to keep your boy VERY BUSY and inspire new levels of disgusting potty talk? Get an irresistable Captain Underpants comic book. Especially the one with the talking piece of poop. b-LAH!

Katrina's latest phrases:

"Tha's e-NUFF -- JHHHSHHUUUUU-YAN!" ("that's enough...Julian!")
"Bye boise! Bye boise! Bye boise!" (boys, as in brothers).

No end of funny silly interesting sweet gross kid-talk around here. When offered at less than 150 decibels, it's great fun.


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