Wednesday, December 10, 2008

12/10/08 The Shopping Trip

The trouble with being a working mom is that every time your kids express the tiniest regret about not being with you, you're awash with guilt. I thought I was doing a good thing tonight by taking Julian with me to Safeway -- sort of a cheesy way to spend some time together (more guilt). Not to mention that he's generally the most toxic element in the sibling dynamic here; either he's irritating Katrina or riling up Gabriel, so he's usually our first choice in being taken out of commission. Gabriel had homework to do besides.

But when I left, Gabriel and Katrina were both standing at the door, crying. Gabriel especially really wanted to go with me. "WHY?" I asked. "It's just Safeway!" "Because I LOVE you!" he cried.

Gawd. It's bad enough that the best I can do for "quality time" is grocery-shopping, but it's even worse when your child craves even that pathetic excuse for time together, and worse yet when you can't give it to him!

At least I really did have fun with Julian. He got beams from other customers when he announced in the produce section, "I love green beans, but broccoli is my favorite!"


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